German Arzate Complaints About – How safe is to travel to Cancun

“The media always tells things that may not be true. I have had many patients that say that Cancun it’s a safe place. There are many things going on in the Mexico, just as everywhere else”.

German Arzate Complaints – Snob Doctors

“Many dentists from places like United States, Canada or Europe thinks that they are better than the Latin America dentists. Why do they think this way? Just because they do not want to admit that we can do the same job as them or even better! Those dentists believe that a Mexican do not have […]

German Arzate Complaints – There are not other clinics that do All On 4

  Some patients come to my clinic telling me that other doctors are offering All On 4 procedure. But that is not true, I am the inventor of this procedure. This people tell you lies, first they offer this procedure and then we you are finally in their clinics, they are going to say that […]

German Arzate Complaints – People who offer All On 4

    Not all dentists can perform the All On 4 procedure, if you go to a clinic you need to ask which is the experience of the doctor. But you will notice that most of them are not prepared, because a true All on 4 dentist show skills, knowlegde, experience and also dental cosmetic […]

German Arzate Complaints – Dentists with no experience

German Arzate Complaints – Dentists with no experience

  I can tell you that at least 97% of the clinics that offers dental implants have no experience. There are many doctors that put their advertising saying that they can do all kind of dental procedures but when you get to that clinic they change everything, and they give you another solution of what […]