German Arzate complaints about stress

German Arzate complaints about stress

Today’s German Arzate complaints: Human beings in actuality are faced with an amazing amount of stress, socially, economically, and culturally so they complain about many things. Besides all that, what we eat nowadays is so different than what it should be. In times past people ate healthier foods. Now almost everything has chemicals, condiments and in general the foods are altered. This obviously is reflected in the mouth, with our gums and can even cause pigmentations.

And not just that, but stress is also a principal factor as far as teeth breaking… Some teeth may not fracture right away, but they will form cracks. Within these cracks we get cavities, then as a consequence of these cavities sometimes the teeth begin to break one by one. So all this causes a tooth or teeth to break, to wear out…

Keep in mind teeth have 3 layers… the enamel, the dentin and the nerve. Stress tends to wear out the enamel, just think how much force it takes to wear out the enamel. The force with which each individual chews is different, but in general an adult male’s bite applies around 150 kilos per square inch. This is a constant pressure and the worst part is it doesn’t stop at night. In patients with such a forceful bite who besides that are going through stress for x amount of time this stress will be applied to their teeth in direct proportion, so the teeth will suffer as a consequence. It will be wearing out the enamel until it reaches the dentin and sometimes even reaching the nerve.

When you see someone who has worn down teeth it’s because they grind their teeth at night. Many people don’t realize they grind their teeth, but having flatter, shorter, more worm out teeth are symptoms of stress. So the truth is stress is a principal cause for having broken teeth.

So what is my complaint about all this? When you see someone with a broken tooth, or who has many broken teeth or all their teeth are broken… well what would make them think that when they come to you, you will be able to leave them with a perfect mouth, even though their mouth is basically ruined, but why would they think you can fix their mouth and then it will stay good forever even though they will still have the same stress like before. They will go back to the same life they lead. So what happens? The muscles we have in our face which help us to chew, begins to grind our teeth again thus applying that same pressure now on the new dental pieces in our mouth. It doesn’t matter if it’s metal, porcelain, zirconium or even gold, that pressure is there and is constant.

If one of the patient’s new teeth or dental work breaks, of course one thinks right away “It’s because the doctor doesn’t know what he’s doing; he didn’t use good materials…” In fact this is something as a dentist that you need to do ahead of time. Sit down and explain all this. “What brought you here in the first place? What caused that natural tooth to break? What made your teeth wear down? Well, the bottom line is its stress; it’s your body’s way of reacting to that pressure that you suffer 365 days a year. It’s this same stress that broke your teeth in the first place and this same stress you still have now with your new teeth or crowns or whatever. So in that sense nothing has changed.

So my complaints about stress are many, being that I as a dentist upon giving someone new teeth or dental pieces 99% of the time, be it a crown, dental makeover or dental implants, we give them a night guard for their teeth. Why do I do that? By giving them this guard (if they use it) I create a space for them between their upper and lower teeth. So what happens? By doing this we help the patient’s teeth to rest so they don’t not wake up with those sore teeth. Do you often wake with a sore jaw? Well, if so it’s because of stress. This stress which we directly apply to our teeth by grinding.

So what I am doing by presenting this compliant is trying to help others to understand. So that a person who suffers from daily stress and grinds their teeth will understand that a doctor can’t change that from one day to the next. Some people also suffer from TMJS (Temporal Mandibular Joint Syndrome). This is also a main cause for failure in dental work done and can happen to any dentist. So I guess my complaint would be when a dentist does not inform the patient about all this from the start… This can cause you as a dentist to have a lot of problems. I would suggest to any and all dentists reading this blog that any time you see a patient with worn down teeth, think that the very same will happen to them again with the new pieces. So communication with the patient, with the customer is very important. Thank you!