German Arzate complaints post: Smoking after implants

German Arzate complaints post: Smoking after implants

In this German Arzate complaint post I would like to write about this: Many patients have the habit of smoking cigarettes, cigars, a pipe, tobacco in general and maybe they do not realize that by drawing this heat into their mouth, they are changing the PH of the same. Besides the nicotine sticks onto the neck of the teeth, be it neck, enamel or root this creates a surface of retention for food, thus staining and making them brown and old and dirty looking. I think many smokers do not realize the actual damage they are doing to their mouths. This smoke heats the tissue and can even cause cancer. Cancer of the mouth, stained, brown teeth, plaque, cavities, loss of teeth and yet they still keep smoking.

So, in this German Arzate complaint post I complain that even though these patients have destroyed some of their original teeth by smoking, well what makes them think that once we replace them with new ones, and they keep smoking that this won’t ruin the new ones? So I have just given them new teeth, be it ceramic, metallic or even zirconium, this nicotine will still adhere to the new teeth and will cause damage. Once this happens more times than not the patient returns to the doctor to complain and ask for their guarantee to be made good. This type of filth shall we call it, sticks to the teeth and can be almost impossible to remove even with a laboratory buffer. We now have plaque and nicotine stains on the new pieces that are impregnated. This nicotine is a colorant of sorts and alters the color of the tissue. And of course when we smoke it ends up in the lungs and then the blood stream. Many don’t know that this nicotine also ends up in our bones which also ends up in the blood through this channel, being that our bones produce blood. If we have healthy bones, then we have a healthy production of blood, but the contrary also applies, we have bones that are sick and contaminated by nicotine, so we produce unhealthy blood. It’s like when we drink alcohol and get drunk, it’s not just our mouth but the whole body that is affected. So also by smoking we affect our bones, blood, muscles etc. by this nicotine. So in a sense your whole body is smoking. Tissue, bones, muscles, blood etc. So yes smoker’s bones are affected by this nicotine. This is why it is not recommended to install implants in smokers, but we do and have even had success with them. But the problem and this German Arzate complaint story is that once we have given them this implant or new crown the nicotine gets to the neck of the tooth and they may lose the new piece. But then they come and blame the dentist. So yes this is why I, German Arzate complaint about. This is why I always recommend that the doctor has the instructions for their dental care after treatment in writing and signed by the patient. Including the fact that there is a 50 % chance that a smoker will lose an implant once installed. So that is my complaint about smokers. Thank you for listening!


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You're reight mister!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you Doctor!

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Nice video! This is true! I can't believe how things turn out with the internet sometimes. There are some nasty people out there that just want to hurt other. Bless you!