German Arzate complaints about cowards

German Arzate complaints about cowards

Well, this is German Arzate complaint post! This is a very personal matter for me about the internet. So welcome to the wonderful world of modern technology! This is what is now in style and is here to stay! Maybe we also need to think about how this affects us all. Sometimes it seems like we are just lab rats as if we were all just objects to be experimented on. Maybe there should be a warning for the internet like products that have a warning label in the store where it talks about the dangers of the internet. The internet is an open place, anyone can get on. Now don’t get me wrong I do love the internet, but I also hate it! Some changes that it has brought us are wonderful, and having known both worlds (before and after the web) is also great, but at the same time we will be witnesses of many, many changes because of it and not all will be good. Also today the internet is full of cowards who don’t show their faces, any imbecile can write whatever he wants and thinks he’s funny, he can post a picture and write any kind of negative thing he wants and once it’s out there, it’s there for good. Like I could say any bad thing about anyone or that you did something you shouldn’t or that you were in such and such a place or that you are part of a sect or anything I want and that will be up on the web, true or false. So that’s German Arzate complaint post! Our integrity as individuals is at stake. it seems like whatever anyone says on the internet is considered true. Most people seem to have a limited mental capacity now and they just believe whatever they see, hear or read. But we have to also realize that the internet is full of haters, envious people they are. Many people do not like other’s success, few will applaud you. Many people would prefer to crush you and speak badly of others. We see this often in politics and with famous actors etc. People have confused free expression with open, ugly criticism, a low blow by all means. Why in the old west if you disagreed with someone or how they did things, you could go into the saloon and confront them and if you couldn’t work it out you could challenge them to a duel and just have it out openly best man wins, no hiding, case closed. But now people hide behind a computer and spew out their poison, their anger, their woes, their stupid mentality, and the demons within by just posting it on line. They pick whatever media sight or server and we don’t really know in hands of who those are nor what they do or can do with all our info that we give them. Some might post a picture of the owner of the sight etc. but we don’t really know. So there are folks out there who think they are brave as they hide behind a computer and share whatever kind of opinion they want or try to belittle or defame others and they get away with it. This is the dangerous thing and sooner or later there will be bad stuff out there about all of us, as people in general like to complain and more and more people will realize they can use the web for this.  More and more this kind of sickness will create a warped society as we jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. All this does is create hate! Most of these people are cowards who use another name, that use another e mail but they sure do get their poison out there. That’s why German Arzate complaint was written about this facet of internet, yes it can be wonderful, sure but it’s also full of demons and all sort of hell, I mean no religious connotation in all this. What I am getting at is there are bad people without scruples, no criterion and no vision that will post anything at all and then others who actually believe them. In history people could express themselves in art, sculptures or writing in stone, but now? One good thing we do have is video, so that if someone is brave enough to record their comments on video then we know who is really saying it and they become responsible. But when people just write it, any idiot who can write and has a little talent along those lines can destroy another’s reputation and even life and that of their family or ruin their business. There are many examples of this kind of thing. We don’t have any idea if what we find on any given search engine is really true but there we are anyway drinking it in. Those reviews we read can be very biased and even tampered with or altered. They can say that such and such a place or person is good or bad… My God! Since when do we believe what some stranger whom we have never even seen says? I mean we now think they are judge and God almighty just because they put it on line? Let’s wake up folks! Let’s stop being so ignorant and stupid in believing all this! I mean maybe 50% of what you read on line is true and the other 50 % false, really!

So yeah my complaint is that we are like on the borderline between people who understand some about the internet and the others who don’t. Some believe internet is just face book, you tube and stuff like that, but they don’t see all the damage that is also done on line, while others at least can see it for what it is worth.

So I am talking about how all this affects people’s reputations. We are already seeing how this is affecting us all. Many are still ignorant as far as the digital world goes, most folks don’t even understand what’s going on out there and how it affects us daily because no one has really taught us. I mean this is moving fast, like face book has been here for 10 years already! That’s a complaint, how there is no real education out there about the internet, how to use it, what to watch out for and its downfalls. Not in high school or university even. But this vast market keeps on growing and it’s like a raging river that can sweep us away! On one hand it is beautiful to have been born in these times to have experienced the before and after, but the transition stage is the hard part and can be cruel. It’s amazing to see how many places and people can be affected by a post, a blog, or a social media sight. Like there was that doctor from the states that supposedly killed the last of a species of a certain lion in Africa, I think no one really saw this in real life, but a picture was posted of him with the lion and this has ruined his life, his family, his career. He had to close down and be persecuted and in danger and pretty much disappear from the map over something we know nothing of in reality. That’s just how globalized we are. I tell you what, at the rate we are going soon we will be like in that movie minority report where they will scan us and know everything about us! As is it seems they know most everything on us and that is a complaint about the internet not to mention all the cowards out there who use it for evil purposes. I don’t think we are ready for all this. And in this German Arzate complaint post I really think many are still learning and growing in this area of technology but many are being left behind in ignorance never searching for truth and real answers…

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You're reight mister!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you Doctor!

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Nice video! This is true! I can't believe how things turn out with the internet sometimes. There are some nasty people out there that just want to hurt other. Bless you!