German Arzate complains about patient’s perception

German Arzate complains about patient’s perception

This is German Arzate complaints post and this post is about how dentistry is not an absolute science. When you see a physician no matter what his specialty on one hand it is a business, whenever money exchanges hands of course it is considered commerce. But dentistry as many other forms of medicine is not an exact or absolute science this being contrary to popular opinion. First of all we must understand that each human being is different and that each also reacts differently to chemicals, materials or treatments. When we carry out a treatment with any given patient, we could carry out the very same treatment with his brother or cousin or whoever and they could react entirely different to the same procedure. For example we could even place an implant on one side of the mouth and another on the other side and there could be a different reaction on each. It is important to note that we as doctors have no control over this. Actually the patient’s mood at the time can affect the outcome greatly. Also his personal habits and the nutrition he receives affect the reaction he will have. So this is the reason I wrote this German Arzate complaints post. Dentistry is not an exact science and we are subject to many variations, so the client or patient should understand this and act accordingly.

What happens is that we as doctors perform a given treatment and if it doesn’t take in some way or other then a patient will often say he wants his money back and can’t grasp why something went wrong. So it seems to me something is wrong with this picture. As a medic one should explain that the job was done right, now if the patient’s body rejected it and it did not work is not a justification for returning the money nor is it the doctor’s fault. Yes it can be done over, that’s another story! In this German Arzate complaint post I want to tell you that the only way I can see money being returned is if all possibilities have been exhausted and even then I think another doctor should check it first. Obviously if the doctor were at fault because of some grave mistake, an iatrogenesis, meaning he actually damaged a part of the body, then this would be grounds for reimbursement. Other than that if the doctor carried out the procedure correctly, if he invested his time in doing this and did it right, then he should be recognized and paid for his services. This is often why doctors become calloused and colder. In countries like the USA and others not only does this happen but then the patient also sues the doctor because something didn’t work the way they wanted. So obviously with such things doctors can tend to get colder, more calculated and dare I say more inhumane… This all of a sudden because they do not see the patient as a human being, but they see the treatment that is translated into money and that if anything goes wrong he will have legal problems. So the doctor changes and begins to protect himself. This type of thing is bringing chaos to the medical world. This is what happens in the USA a lot. The patient could be in much pain, but the doctor refuses to attend to him as he is worried about future legal consequences. So at that point instead of being just a physician he has to become a merchant looking out for his own interests.

This is a delicate subject. That is why German Arzate complaints post was written. It is not like a CD you may buy at the store. Healthcare is not like a product you buy at some department store and if you don’t like it, you get your money back. Healthcare much less dentistry is at all like that! In dentistry you do the work, you make the part, you install it and if it doesn’t take it seems unfair that you would have to return the money. It’s not that the job wasn’t done right; it’s that the patient’s body rejected it or maybe the patient did not take proper care and even broke it. But it had a guarantee? Yes and we can fix it and do it over for you. Again keep in mind dentistry is not an absolute science and we cannot predict the outcome of any given treatment as far as the patient’s reaction to the same. So why would we return the patients money? Sure some procedures can be almost perfect like the union of an abutment with an implant, but even then this is subject to force, liquids, and to a wide array of conditions which can cause something to go wrong. Once people realize this, perception towards medical practice will change and physicians can be free to do a better job. Otherwise they will become more and more like robots. Thank you!

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You're reight mister!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you Doctor!

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Nice video! This is true! I can't believe how things turn out with the internet sometimes. There are some nasty people out there that just want to hurt other. Bless you!