German Arzate complains about hand piece.

German Arzate complains about hand piece.

Throughout my years as a dentist I have searched for different materials and equipment to do the job, right now I would like to complain in this German Arzate complaint post about what we call the hand piece. This is that small hand held tool that we use to grind or drill. There are many different types, shapes, brands and prices but there is one thing that they all do. They make noise, that peculiar unique noise that we are all familiar with. I am a sculptor so I actual find the noise somewhat fascinating, but I do feel sorry for the poor patients who sit in that chair for minutes or even hours on end hearing it, I think for them it is not so pleasant. And this is the reason of German Arzate complaint post of today! How is it that human beings with so much technology, I mean we have gone to the moon and beyond even to Mars, sending probes into the solar system and yet we cannot invent a dental hand piece that does not make noise? Sometimes I wonder if it’s on purpose as this noise is the one everyone relates to when it comes to the dentist. You hear that whirring, drilling sound and right away you think of the dentist. This kind of whirring, bothersome, scary sound.  They have yet to make one of these that doesn’t make that sound. There are other tools out there like laser and others, but the very best one for dentists is the hand piece as it allows you to work efficiently, but it always has that annoying drilling sound which sends chills up people’s spines. Many are really scared of that noise. This is one of my big complaints and the reasons why I wrote this German Arzate Complaints post! It makes us look bad like we are going to hurt people when in reality we are helping, but why does it have to make that sound?

Really, if you think about it we are only removing old damaged tissue and fixing people’s mouths. Well, I am sure that the time will come with all this technology that we will have a silent hand piece. Of course the actual grinding sound that’s made on the tooth that is being worked on will always be there unless they come up with a way to distract the patient from it, but the machine itself could be silent it seems to me. But for now it still makes that strange, bothersome sound that most people are scared to death of. Well, half of folk’s fears are of the needle first of all, even though there are ways to help that not too hurt much, although I think you will always feel something when a liquid is being injected into your gums, but that’s another subject. I think more so though people fear that noisy drilling sound made by the hand piece, causing many to not even go to the dentist, all because of that “damn noise”. So that is one of my personal complaints. Thank you!


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You're reight mister!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you Doctor!

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Nice video! This is true! I can't believe how things turn out with the internet sometimes. There are some nasty people out there that just want to hurt other. Bless you!