German Arzate Complaints: When you lose a tooth

German Arzate Complaints: When you lose a tooth

Whenever we lose a tooth be it anterior or posterior well of course it looks bad and we don’t want that. But also it affects the adjoining teeth, molars, center teeth, and premolars etc that are next door. These will start to move and slowly lean towards that space that was left behind where there used to be a tooth unless we do something about it right away. Also the bone in that area will start to diminish. This bone was made to hold a tooth and when it doesn’t it starts to shrink and lose that vertical dimension. When this happens we actually start to lose bone structure and this is really bad for the rest of our teeth. So we do not want to lose a tooth and just leave it like that.

This is why it is best to not let much time go by after an extraction until we place an implant. OK, so we could not save any given tooth and it had to be pulled, the next step is to set an implant. An implant of course is an external material that we place in the mouth but it will rehabilitate the area in functionality and esthetics. By being screwed into the bone this will maintain its biomechanics in the area where the tooth was pulled and thus keep it strong with that chewing action… So we set the implant, we leave it at least 3 months and then we can put the abutment and the crown. This abutment or connector and the crown will transmit chewing force and strengthen the bone in the area.

Of course age is a factor as the bone weakens over the years. The bones in our mouths do change over the years. So again, the importance of installing an implant right after we have a tooth extracted. With the great materials and techniques we have at our disposition we can really rehabilitate this area where a tooth was lost. Here at the clinic we use only the best materials and the latest techniques to bring you a perfect solution.

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You're reight mister!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you Doctor!

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Nice video! This is true! I can't believe how things turn out with the internet sometimes. There are some nasty people out there that just want to hurt other. Bless you!