German Arzate Complaints – There are not other clinics that do All On 4


Some patients come to my clinic telling me that other doctors are offering All On 4 procedure. But that is not true, I am the inventor of this procedure. This people tell you lies, first they offer this procedure and then we you are finally in their clinics, they are going to say that your mouth is not qualified for All On 4. Only I can really take these cases. If you are going to get an All On 4 ask to talk with the doctor, see their surgeries, tell him to explain you: How is he going to do it? Tell him to make a video. But guess what? They don´t have nothing. That is my biggest complain, they advertise All On 4, All On 6, Snap In Dentures, but they can not perform none of these procedures. They will change it to another technique. Only I can do the real All On 4.